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Meeting with the Ambassador of Belarus in Latvia, 25.09.2017.

Meeting of Members, 07.09.2017.

We start the new season and go towards to our 15th anniversary!

14th expedition of LĪDERE and friends on July 11 and 12

        Association LĪDERE and friends went to the fourteenth expedition and this year the Cēsis region was selected. Absolute inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity, energy and pride for each other.
        We started our visits in the "Veselības laboratorija" and continued in the "Raiskuma labumu darītava". The day ended in Raiskums with historically active Andris Geidāns and his friends who brought us with boats to special musical performance.
          The next day we visited "Autine tools" and "Dukc Woodworks", the healthy goods' store "Ķimene" and "Cēsu maize" followed by another unique place - Amatciems.
        We are grateful to Mārīte Šperberga and the team for another unique adventure!

Meeting with the Deputy Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament of Belarus and the Ambassador of Belarus in Latvia, 07.06.2017.

Meeting of Members, 01.06.2017.

Board Meeting, 27.04.2017.

        Very productive association’s “Līdere” Board Meeting. Proposals, opinions, discussions.
        New project “LIDERE CODE”.
        Discussions on the responsibilities of each Board Member for specific activities, which include projects at national and international level.
        Mentoring activities continue.
        One more new activity - "Līdere" members have established professional "guilds". Different “guilds” inform another members on latest information in the field they represent in every meeting of members.
        Next meeting of members will take place on June 1.

Creation of new project - "LIDERE CODE"!

       April 11 – the members of Project “LIDERE CODE” Working Group - Mara Spicberga, Marite Sperberga, Dace Vanaga, Kadrija Beirote and Zanda Raciborska – have got a meeting in early morning at the premises of Publishing House “Lietiskas informacijas dienests” and continued in the late afternoon at AS "Citadele banka", joined the group by Santa Purgaile and Solvita Kabakova.
       Both productive meetings led to concrete proposals, how to find women entrepreneurs in all Latvian regions, which significantly influenced the development of the region, women entrepreneurs, with which the local people are proud. "Lidere" in cooperation with local governments will initiate the exchange of experience, it will tell about the importance of mentoring and look for a specific values of local business women.
       This process will result in the circulation of information and stories of inspiration, so “Lidere” will invite to participate in this movement all Latvian regions. Most important thing - to share their experiences in order to detect different business stories in Latvian cities and villages and together decide on values, which makes our country strong.

Support for the participants of Latvia University Students' Business Incubator.

11.04.2017. Mentee Estere Pumpura, ester' design for clergy and Mentor Anita Viļuma have started their co-operation in the framework of mentoring process.

Support for the participants of Latvia University Students' Business Incubator.

06.04.2017. Mentee Elīna Zandere, LEGOMO and Mentor Ilze Garanča, Taste CAPS have started their co-operation in the framework of mentoring process.

LĪDERE Annual General Meeting, 29.03.2017. - with a view to the future!

       Before the AGM Aiva Viksna, Chairperson of the Board of “Lidere” has got a meeting with women entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan to discuss future cooperation possibilities.

Team Meeting, 06.03.2017.

The project team meeting to agree on to-do lists before General Meeting of Members in 29.03.2017.

Meeting of Members, 16.02.2017.

Big Plans. Inspiration. Strength.

Association’s LĪDERE 14th Anniversary

"Gathering together is beginning. Being together is progress. Working together is success."

03.02.2017. LĪDERE's members and friends - together!

LĪDERE Board Meeting, 25.01.2017.

Gender-related challenges in European education systems, 17.01.2017., Amsterdam

Nataļja Sterhova, Member of LĪDERE has represented Latvia in this meeting.


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